Monday, February 20, 2012

Bang Bang!

Bangs, or as my U.K. friends (and apparently the rest of the world) call them, "fringe" are having a moment lately, but they have been popular off and on at many times in the past. They are a great way to give your hairstyle a vintagey feel with out always having to do a big 'ol wet set, which for a pin-straight-haired gal like me is a great thing. Here's a tour of some fabulous and iconic bangs through the ages:

Louise Brooks, with her gamine bob. This hairstyle has become so iconic and representative of  the roaring 20's. Louise and her friend, fellow starlet Colleen Moore, both cut their hair into this "Dutch Boy" bob and started a huge trend.

Barbara Stanwyck, around the time Double Indemnity (what a great movie) was made. Such a beautiful style with the soft curls spilling around her shoulders. I've had the really short bangs like this before, and I think they're pretty hard to pull off! They look fantastic on some people...on me, not so much!

The ever-lovely Bettie Page, of course. Her bangs have become synonymous with vintage style. The interesting thing to me is that when you look at the bajillions of pix of Bettie, her bangs are generally pretty close to her eyebrows. When you see people with "Bettie Bangs" today they are often quite a bit shorter, more like Barbara Stanwyk's.

I love Bettie's smile...she always looked like she was having so much fun ;-)

Adorable Audrey. Look at those eyebrows! They're like two big black caterpillars marching across her forehead, and yet the total effect is pure gorgeousness. Her bangs show off her eyes in such a beautiful and striking way. Did you know that Audrey's given name was Audrey Ruston? Just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it?

Such a beautiful face and a beautiful soul   *sigh*

 Brigitte Bardot lookin' sexy as usual. So messy, so gorgeous...I love the bump! I know she probably has a fall in there somewhere...I hope...

The late 60's bangs are the easiest to wear, I think, for most people. They are softer and more forgiving than the hard-line straight-across bangs. They don't need trimming as often, either!

I know I'm leaving out so many greats...Jane Birkin, Stevie Nicks! Anna Wintour...hehe, just kidding :-)

I'm loving Brigitte here the most right now...I think I'll let my bangs grow a bit and bust out the teasing brush and the dry shampoo!


  1. I love Brigitte's the best. Sadly fringes don't suit me, I look deranged! x
    PS Clobber is a Brit slang word for clothes, there was a 1960s fashion label with the name. Chazza is urban slang for charity shop, so chazzing means going around the charity shops! x

    1. Thanks so much for the definitions! Here the charity shops are called thrift stores, so we call it "thrifting" of my favorite things to do :-)

  2. Such gorgeous hairstyles, but I think you definitely need the right face shape to pull them off, especially the really short fringes! I think Brigitte's is the easiest look to do! XxxX