Friday, July 20, 2012

Is It Too Hot To Blog?

"I wish I'd spent my money on an air conditioner instead of that ugly painting...I mean, who's ever going to hear of this Jackson Pollock guy, anyway?"

"At least the car is air-conditioned. Oh wait, it isn't...maybe I'll drive to my beach house. Oh wait...I don't have one of those either! Hmmmm..."

"ahh..much cooler here at the beach house. Don't know who's house this is, but maybe if I look cute they won't mind me staying for a while!"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July! or...Don't Catch the Yard on Fire!

from Normajeanscloset on Etsy

My feelings toward the Fourth of July are a lot like my feelings for New Year's Eve...I feel pressure to be doing something "big" and "fun" and  I always feel like everybody else is out doing fabulous things and I'm not. Yeah, yeah...    *world's smallest violin playing*
In actuality, my hubby and I decided he should work tonight because he gets extra pay for working on the holiday and we are trying to make more money. So it was a choice we made. Sometimes you just have to be a grown-up and do the practical thing! It's actually blissfully quiet right now and I'm rather enjoying getting some stuff done. Next year I'll do it up big!

So that's enough venting...I actually love Fourth of July because it's really the best time to rock the red, white and blue color scheme! On that note, here are some fun red, white and blue goodies I found on Etsy:

From lolanyvintage on Etsy
Aren't these the cutest? They're my size, too, so it's taking mucho willpower to resist buying them!

from vintage50's eyewear
from elliemayhems on Etsy
from MoMoDeluxeVintage
These shorts are up in my Etsy shop right now...aren't they great? I think the print is really cute. I'm a sucker for novelty prints :-)

Happy Fourth Everybody!!