Monday, September 24, 2012

My Summertime Scores

September 21st is supposed to be the first day of Autumn, right? Well, apparently Southern California didn't get the memo, because it's now heading toward October and it's still summer-hot around here! This has been the hottest summer I can remember in So Cal. Just sweltering. Forgive me if I just can't get into a Fall frame of mind! The photos of fuzzy wool sweaters and knee high boots in all the mags just make my brain sweat.
There's something really wrong about shopping for Halloween decorations in shorts, flip-flops, and a tank top!

So if we're going to stick to summer for a while, I thought you all might like to see a few things I nabbed for myself over the last couple months...(it's never too hot to shop, right?)

This first one is a cotton sundress I got on eBay for 25 bucks. It was one of those auctions where the photos were kind of lame and the description was totally lacking in info. That, plus it's (totally fixable) condition issues made the price way lower...just right for my budget!

50's sundress by "Fritzi of California"
It had a flaw, which is that the elastic shirring on the back was about 75% dead. Replacing the elastic seemed like way more than I could handle, so I came up with a fix that I think worked out pretty well.
I just took it in and added a (vintage) zipper! Whenever I see vintage sewing notions at an estate sale, I try to grab all the vintage zippers. That way if I have to replace a zip on a vintage garment, I can replace it with a metal or nylon zip, sometimes almost exactly the same as the one I'm replacing!

the back, with new zipper

Now it fits really well and since it still has a bit of elastic left it's really comfy.

Here's a cute floral shirt that I bought for those days when it's really hot and I'm just working around the house. It looks really cute with my beloved yellow 60's wicker & pearly Lucite handbag.

I actually did a little alteration on it as well...I took in the sides so it wasn't quite so boxy. You can't quite tell in the pic but it's a really nice lightweight cotton. I got it on Etsy.

Here are some things that I got from the Pickwick Gardens Vintage Clothing Show in Burbank:

I love this skirt so much! I had actually seen it the previous time I went to that show, and was so sorry I hadn't bought it. I was super stoked to see it still hanging there! No way it was going to get away this time!
It's actually a bit tight in the waist, so the question is...lose a few pounds or alter the waist? Hmmm......I see a sewing machine in my future :-)

This beautiful 40's dress, thankfully, fits me just as-is (miracle!)

Again, the photo does it no justice...the fabric is so has a fabulous texture almost like seersucker and it's incredibly lightweight, and yet not so sheer that you need a slip underneath. The only problem is that I have no shoes that look good with it at all! I spent the whole summer looking for a pair of white non-leather sandals with a vintage look and found bupkis. PPbbbbthht :-P

Finally, I also got this fun Hawaiian shirt:

It's like a tea-timer, with the cap sleeves and square hem with vents, but the collar is a traditional shirt collar.
It looks cute with white shorts!

That's about it for vintage clothes over the summer...I didn't get a lot because I pretty much blew my budget on these sunglasses:

They are real, genuine, Christian Dior Mohotani's, from the Les Marquises collection, not vintage, but vintage-inspired. This was a huge splurge for me...the "nicest" sunglasses I've ever owned, before this point, were Ray-Bans.
I love them so much!

Look! You can tell this was at the beginning of the summer, before the sun decided to land on So Cal, because I don't have my bangs pinned off my face and I'm actually wearing a long-sleeved shirt!

Is anyone out there actually enjoying a cool, crisp Fall? With sweaters? And apple picking? Oh, please do share with me...I have to live vicariously through you :-)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Happy Labor Day...Now Go Shopping!

Wishing a happy Labor Day to all my US readers, and, uh, happy Monday to everyone else, I guess!
For all you thrift shoppers, here's a little video that I swiped from Mr. Modtomic
Any thrift store/charity shop regular will appreciate this...I had to listen to it twice to understand the lyrics, and it's funnier the second time 'round.
WARNING!!!! This video has swearing! Profanity galore! If your little princess ears will be offended, please don't watch it!
Otherwise, enjoy :-)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fall Inspiration (Yay! September's Here!)

I love's always been my favorite month,and not just because I have a September birthday. I love the (theoretically) cooler weather, the start of a new school year, the new clothes for fall, and especially the giant, humongous fashion magazines! This month's Vogue is a's so big that I feel bad for the mail carriers.

The designers always seem to put out their best work in the fall, and the first few pages of advertisements are always a delight to the eye.


Now this is actually a Ralph Lauren ad, but I waved my little photo-editing wand over it and made it look old & "vintagey". I just love the overlapping, contrasting textures and the rich color palette. The setting, the makeup, the old, love,love! the only thing that would make it better would be if the fur was faux. Sadly, I think it's real...*sigh*...someday, people will evolve.

Now if it would just cool off a teensy bit so we could bust out the sweaters and boots :-)
I can't wait for that first day when there's a crisp snap in the air and the leaves look a bit yellow & orange...I love the fall!
What is your favorite season?