Friday, January 27, 2012

Leopard Furr-ever!

One thing I have always loved is leopard print. To prove it, here I am...I may have outgrown The Lone Ranger, but I'll never outgrow my love of leopard :-)
I know some people think animal prints are too loud, but I think a realistic-looking animal print is really a neutral, because the colors are neutral and the print is designed to camouflage the animal into it's background!
I thought I'd share a few pieces from my personal collection:

This early 60's faux-leopard coat is my current favorite.It's lightweight enough that I can wear it here in L.A. where it's usually pretty warm. The big portrait collar is so flattering!

Do you know what the difference is between leopard print and jaguar print? With leopard, the little dark spots form a rosette pattern. On a jaguar's fur, the little rosettes of dark spots surround a dark spot in the middle.Leopards are from Africa, and jaguars are from South and Central America, mostly.

This one mainly hangs in my closet and looks cute! It's so thick & warm that I never get a chance to wear it.
I'll have to go on a trip somewhere cold so I can enjoy it! Or maybe I'll just put it on and stand in front of my freezer with the door open :-)

Here's a fabulous leopard-print bag that I really should use more's nice and big, and I like how the style of the handle makes it look a little more modern.

My newest!! I scored this tiger-print coat on Ebay a few months ago and I was so ecstatic, I did a happy dance :-)
I got it for a steal! I haven't worn this one yet, but I will soon. I think a tiger print is a little bolder look, but maybe it's just that my eyes are so accustomed to leopard. I think I'll wear this coat with jeans and a plain black turtleneck to tone it down a bit.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Ebell Club - A Glimpse into L.A.'s Past

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to visit one of the true gems of Los Angeles...The Ebell Club.
The Ebell Club was started in 1894 by two sisters as a private club for women to enrich their lives with education, culture and the arts. The clubhouse, built in 1927, is a massive Renaissance-style mansion on Wilshire Boulevard~ I bet there isn't an Angeleno who hasn't driven by it and wondered what it was! It's been the location for filming many TV shows and movies including Mad Men and a favorite of mine- Catch Me If You Can.

The first-ever open house yesterday allowed a rare glimpse inside...and it didn't disappoint! The interior was truly as beautiful as I thought it might be. Every room is full of baroque furnishings, Persian rugs, exquisite
chandeliers and priceless artwork.

   There is a gorgeous old-fashioned theater and several small stages. The lady members are allowed to borrow from a huge closet of vintage clothing and accessories for special events.


The artwork is truly a treasure. Most of the paintings are Plein-air oils (they were very fashionable in the 20's & 30's), and there are unique items mixed in. Outside the president's door is this great (and enormous) vintage poster of Josephine Baker!

The Ebell Club can be rented out for weddings...what a beautiful place it would be for a vintage-themed

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ahem...Let Me Introduce Myself

Now that I've broken the ice, I suppose the proper thing to do would be to tell you lovely future readers a bit about me and this here blog. I'm Dina, and until recently I would have introduced myself as "An Artist"...well, life throws you curve balls (more like spit balls, lately) and my artistic endeavors have been put on the shelf for a while to make room for other passions.

SO here we are! A fresh new year...and a fresh new blog.

I've collected and worn vintage clothes for many more years than I care to reveal...I love old stuff with history and unique things. Over the years I've learned a ton about the vintage world and I'm still learning every day!
Some times I get sooo excited about my vintage discoveries...I want to share them with the world! And, I really can't make my poor husband listen to much more of me prattling on about Bakelite and Mid Century Whatchamacallits and The-Most-Amazing-Lucite-Handbag-You've-Got-To-See-It-Right-Now ad infinitum...

In the spirit of full disclosure I have two Etsy shops: MoMoDeluxeVintage and MoMosMadness.              Click here to go to my Etsy vintage shop
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If you want to go there and have a look-see that's great, but my goal with this blog is to share all sorts of great vintage finds and info, not just the ones that make me money!

 So stay tuned...this is gonna be fun!