Tuesday, December 11, 2012

EBay Alert...Fabulous Vintage Paper Dolls!

I was just trolling through eBay, as I do far too often, and I found a bunch of listings for some amazing vintage 40's and 50's paper dolls. These are just so fun looking! I really want them and I'm not sure why! I'm going to restrain myself, however, and be content with just sharing them with my lovely readers.


I think I spy Dorothy Lamour, Lucille Ball, and Judy Garland.

Here are just a tiny portion of the ladies clothing choices:

There's some for the gents, too...here's a stylish cowboy:

and here's another snazzy fella:

Nice, huh?
Here are the links to the auctions:

The Ladies
(auction ends Thursday, current bid is 33$)
This auction has ended! It closed at $190.50

The Cowboy

The Elegant Gentleman
(these two are "Buy it Now"s...19 bucks each)

I don't know the sellers and certainly aren't vouching for them, I just think these are super-fun! I hope you enjoy looking at them!

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