Friday, March 1, 2013

Epic SouthWest Road Trip Wrap Up, Part 1

Whew...we're finally home!

Does anyone else ever need a vacation from their vacation?

The hubs and I covered a big chunk of Southwest territory in two weeks, and I crammed in some rather epic thrifting along the way.

Here's a shot of most of it piled on the kitchen table.

I'm going to keep a couple of items for those blue Springolators, if I can squeeze my big boats into 'em.

Almost everything is going into my Etsy shop within the next couple soon as I can get it all inventoried, fixed up, and photographed....which takes forever!

Look at all the cute salt & pepper shakers!! The black cats are really unique...I need to do some research about them. I think they might be pretty rare! They have little glass globes, like fishbowls, that the cats are looking down into...very cool. Mr. Quincy approves.

This shirt has the most awesome Miro print:

My absolute favorite find is this vintage pillowslip. I just started collecting these a while ago, and this one's really special. I used to live in El Paso, which is near Carlsbad Caverns. I've been there twice. It's so incredible...really out in the middle of nowhere, but so worth the trip.



My final fave find were these 50's (maybe early 60's) pumps! I found them at Revolver vintage in Albuquerque, an awesome store. I could've stayed for hours and probably bought much more, but I was with family who were very patiently waiting as I shopped. One of the many wonderful things about Revolver is their comfy lounging area in the front! Great idea! All stores should have such a thing if they have the room...with prehaps some magazines and a tiny TV to amuse the waiting-patiently.

But I digress...the completely killer thing about these heels is that they match the clutch I ALREADY HAD!!!

Yes, that cute, perfectly matching clutch was at home...actually in my Etsy shop stock! I had thought about keeping it for myself before, but once I found these matching shoes, IN MY SIZE, I knew it was mine.

So, now back to reality!!! I do have a couple other posts about fun things I found on the trip, though, so stay tuned :-)




  1. Ohhhhhhh. I am SO jealous. Congrats on all the great finds!

  2. I want to be a stowaway on your next shopping roadtrip!!!

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  6. That clutch was an awesome find! I sort of envy the matchiness, you lucky girl!

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  8. Amazing finds!!! Love the top and your matching heels and clutch. I love when you find matches to things. It was meant to be!! :)