Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 2013...Better Late Than Never!

OK, yes, I realize that Viva was in March, and it is now JUNE (how'd that happen?) and that makes this post a wee bit tardy. I have an excuse! I lost my pictures! *insert sad trombone...whaa, whaaaaaaah*

Well, they're not really lost, they're just misplaced somewhere in the wasteland of my computer. I hope.
So until the day that I find the rest of the pix, here is a Viva 2013 Wrap-Up consisting of only the pictures I took with my iPhone. Should be interesting, so here goes...

  First glimpse of Vegas! It sure doesn't look like much from this viewpoint, does it? I think it's best to drive or fly into Vegas after dark. That way you see the lights and the glamour first! 

A bit of burlesque-ness at the end of the fashion show on Friday. The fashion show was actually kind of lame, in my year I think I'll sleep in instead! These gals were pretty hot, though. They were the best part, for sure. I think the company was called Secrets in Lace...they make lovely vintage-inspired lingerie.

Friday night, I think! Honestly, it's a bit of a blur...haha! This dress is by Pin Up Girl, and the purse is one of my hand-painted MoMosMadness creations. You really can't see it in all its glory here, but it features tiki gods and a hibiscus that perfectly matches my dress.

The car show never disappoints. This year the car show was in a new location, which was bigger, shadier, and a shorter walk from the hotel. A big improvement! So many amazing, gorgeous's where I'm really missing my "real" photos, because I had some good ones from the car show!!! There were tons of vendors and I could've dropped a chunk of change there! Most of the vendors were selling new things, but there was at least one vintage dealer with some really great stuff. Pin Up Girl had a big booth with some sale racks, but it was just too hot to try on clothes.

this chick looks a little hungover, or something :-)

Saturday night we saw Little Richard, who was a blast. I feel fortunate to have seen him. I'll find those pix, I promise!! You guys have to see how Little Richard looked in his purple suit on his golden throne :-)

At the pool, Sunday, I think...waaaaaay before the  party really started. I was so looking forward to rockin' my vintage Cole leopard-print swimsuit. It was a bit of a drama, that day, however, and I didn't enjoy it as much as I might have. By the time I got to the pool every single seat was taken, so I though I was a big genius and paid some cute kid to pull out a lounger and set it up for me in a prime spot. I was sittin' pretty, just checking out the action, and then the wind started kicking up. Like hurricane style. My hubby, who was supposed to be joining me, was mysteriously MIA, and so I sat there by myself for the longest time and held on to everything to keep it from flying into the pool. I think I was just having a diva moment, but I got tired of the whole thing and left just as the party was getting started! The line outside the pool was super-long as I walked out. Next year I need a completely different game plan!

I'm not sure about the whole pool party thing. You can't bring your own food in, which is lame, and no-one really goes in the pool for fear of wrecking vintage duds and carefully coiffed do's.

The rest of Sunday was great fun, made up for my weird pool party experience.We saw Charles Phoenix, we ate, we drank, we shopped, we saw Nikki Hill, we watched the jive was a fabulous end to an exhausting but super-fun weekend.

One last shot as we left the room Monday morning. I'm feeling a bit wrecked at this point and doing a good job of hiding it! That's my "I'm NOT going to throw up!" face :-)
Actually I just needed some caffeine and sugar and I was all fixed up.

 Last stop on the way out of town...the store with the vegan donuts!!! I try to eat very healthfully, most of the time, but sometimes a warm chocolate glazed (or two) goes down real nicely!

Can't wait for Viva 2014!!!

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  1. Don't you look gorgeous?
    Love the dress and the gypsy art on the car door.
    Thanks for the lovely message you left on my blog. xxx