Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ahem...Let Me Introduce Myself

Now that I've broken the ice, I suppose the proper thing to do would be to tell you lovely future readers a bit about me and this here blog. I'm Dina, and until recently I would have introduced myself as "An Artist"...well, life throws you curve balls (more like spit balls, lately) and my artistic endeavors have been put on the shelf for a while to make room for other passions.

SO here we are! A fresh new year...and a fresh new blog.

I've collected and worn vintage clothes for many more years than I care to reveal...I love old stuff with history and unique things. Over the years I've learned a ton about the vintage world and I'm still learning every day!
Some times I get sooo excited about my vintage discoveries...I want to share them with the world! And, I really can't make my poor husband listen to much more of me prattling on about Bakelite and Mid Century Whatchamacallits and The-Most-Amazing-Lucite-Handbag-You've-Got-To-See-It-Right-Now ad infinitum...

In the spirit of full disclosure I have two Etsy shops: MoMoDeluxeVintage and MoMosMadness.              Click here to go to my Etsy vintage shop
click here for MoMosMadness, my purse shop
If you want to go there and have a look-see that's great, but my goal with this blog is to share all sorts of great vintage finds and info, not just the ones that make me money!

 So stay tuned...this is gonna be fun!


  1. Hi Dina, Welcome to Blogland! I hope we get to see some pics of you as well as your goodies. Sarah xxx

    PS I hope you will consider removing the dreaded word verification from comments - I promise you won't get spam.

  2. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for the welcome :-)
    Yes, at some point I guess I won't be able to avoid putting up pix of myself, but that'll mean doing my hair/makeup and gettin' all purty...makes me tired just thinking of it ;-)
    I will definitely work on that word verification thing...it's gotten really difficult, hasn't it?
    At this point the last thing I need is something to discourage people from commenting, right?