Monday, January 16, 2012

The Ebell Club - A Glimpse into L.A.'s Past

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to visit one of the true gems of Los Angeles...The Ebell Club.
The Ebell Club was started in 1894 by two sisters as a private club for women to enrich their lives with education, culture and the arts. The clubhouse, built in 1927, is a massive Renaissance-style mansion on Wilshire Boulevard~ I bet there isn't an Angeleno who hasn't driven by it and wondered what it was! It's been the location for filming many TV shows and movies including Mad Men and a favorite of mine- Catch Me If You Can.

The first-ever open house yesterday allowed a rare glimpse inside...and it didn't disappoint! The interior was truly as beautiful as I thought it might be. Every room is full of baroque furnishings, Persian rugs, exquisite
chandeliers and priceless artwork.

   There is a gorgeous old-fashioned theater and several small stages. The lady members are allowed to borrow from a huge closet of vintage clothing and accessories for special events.


The artwork is truly a treasure. Most of the paintings are Plein-air oils (they were very fashionable in the 20's & 30's), and there are unique items mixed in. Outside the president's door is this great (and enormous) vintage poster of Josephine Baker!

The Ebell Club can be rented out for weddings...what a beautiful place it would be for a vintage-themed

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