Thursday, April 12, 2012

Viva Las Vegas, Part 1 ~ The Cars

Last weekend I went to Viva Las Vegas for the first time!!!  For those of you who don't know, Viva is a big multi-day party, officially titled a "Rockabilly Weekender". It's four days of rockabilly music, hot rod cars, vintage fashion and tons more. I'd been dying to go for years and this year we managed to get out there, but just for one day, because by the time my hubby knew if he could have the time off from work all the four-day tickets were sold out :-(
But we went anyway!!! And had a fantastic time!

Here are some pix from the car show:

me with the official Viva hot rod
I love green
my dream setup! Even the color is awesome
I honestly did not crank the saturation on this pic! It's that bright!
this guy was pinstriping, live...
If there was a Hot Rod Barbie, she'd drive this!

Stay tuned for Viva Part 2!


  1. OMG I'm dying over that vintage trailer!! That looks like a good time. We have a Greaserama here which is our rockabilly weekend car show, etc. I actually set up a booth there once for my vintage, nicest crowd ever!

  2. I LOVE those cars and that trailer is to die for! I hope to get to Viva some day.

  3. Oh yay - finally someonw is posting about VLV !!! I have friends who have been visiting from Australia and I have heard nothing yet.....keep the info coming for all of us stuck at home !!! XOXO

  4. It's nice to participate in those kinds of events, especially when vintage cars are showcased. It’s like going back in the past and seeing the cars in their heyday and glory. I think the wide-frame cars would look more interesting in darker colors, though. What do you think? Much like the color of the Viva Hot Rod. heheh.

    Tyra Shortino

    1. Yeah, I really love seeing the cars alongside the people dressed in period-appropriate (or at least "inspired")get-ups! It adds so much to the whole thing. There were, actually, plenty of hot rods in darker colors, but it seems like I didn't take pictures of many...I think my eye is just more naturally attracted to bright colors! What can I say...

  5. I also love the green colored Chevy Impala. Even though it was modified, its trademark chrome bumpers and trims are still installed, and I loved it for that. Anyway, you've said that there were plenty of dark colored hot rods. What models were out there that time?