Monday, April 2, 2012

A True Role Model & Fashion Icon

The fabulous and uber-creative Iris Apfel
 Click here to go to ADVANCED STYLE, Iris Apfel

If anyone out there in Blogland has not seen the blog Advanced Style you must go! Right now! I absolutely adore the women (and men) that Ari Seth Cohen features. I have long been a fan of Iris Apfel and the video interview with her is so wonderful. If you watch it and aren't inspired then we just can't be friends, that's all ;-)

Last summer Architectural Digest showed a beautiful collection of photos of her amazing apartment in New York. It's definitely a "more-is-more" type of design aesthetic, but she makes it work.

Ms. Iris with just a smidge of her amazing wardrobe
Click here to go to Architectural Digest article about Iris

(photo above from Architectural Digest)


  1. This is I plan to age - gracefully and fabulously.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of how amazing this woman is! I am determined to be like that, she's gorgeous and outstanding! I love that she still has a passion for life and is determined not to give up. XxxX

  3. OMG--I love the dog butler/jewelry holder!!

  4. I'm obsessed with her too! Can't wait for the documentary to come out next month! It's going to be great!