Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Road Trip?

I feel like taking a road trip...wanna go with me?
Let's take the green Caddy!

or maybe the red one...

Don't forget your sunglasses!

We'll cruise down Route 66...

until it ends at the beach. Then we'll cool off in the waves...

and relax in the warm sand...

Doesn't that sound like the bee's knees? Now who's with me?

(All pix are from Harper's Bazaar, May 1956...a great issue with Suzy Parker on the cover...that's also her in that Foster Grant ad. I'll be putting this issue up on eBay next week!)


  1. I'm with you! I love the green car, and the the striped one-piece. I would just include a silk scarf.

  2. I'm definitely with you!! I'd adore to do that and I love the sunglasses and swimwear! Your blog really does make me dream! I adore cadillac's and old cars like that! XxxX

  3. Lol,

    Okay, Fashion words I say wrong:

    Della Russo (the Russo bit), Muiccia (as in Prada), Net-a-Porter (the porter bit), Chictopia and Grazia.