Saturday, October 27, 2012

America's Most-Hated Color

 Or in other words, An Ode To Orange!

Crazy LA orange sky (I took this pic when the space shuttle was traveling through the streets of LA)

The arrival of Halloween always brings with it a blast of a certain color...
Do you like orange? Or hate it? Apparently orange is one of those colors that inspires strong feelings.
I remember reading, a few years back, that when Americans are polled about their most-liked and least-liked colors the color orange consistently comes in last place. Most liked? Blue, of course *****snoorrrrrre****
Nothing against blue, really, it's just so...predictable. Blue is the opposite of orange on the color wheel, so blue and orange really make each other pop!
Here are a few things I bet you didn't know about orange:

~It was Frank Sinatra's favorite color...he said it was the color of happiness.
~Orange is beloved in Holland, where it is the national color.
~Creative people are said to like orange.
~Vincent Van Gogh said that "without orange there is no blue"
~Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra, and is linked to sexuality and fertility!
~The "black boxes" on airplanes are actually neon orange.
~Alexander the Great liked his hair to be bright orange, so he washed it in saffron, which at the time was more expensive than diamonds or gold!

 I happen to love orange, but I do admit it can be a strong presence! I find that oranges with a bit of "something else" in them are the most spicy oranges with a bit of brown in them.

Here are some fab orange lovelies I found on Etsy this morning:

Fabulous juicy orange peacoat at MoMoDeluxeVintage

Chic orange 40's slides at Decadence Past

Adorable little box bag at Hillbillyfilly

Juicy Bakelite faceted bangle at The Bakelite Temptress

Gorgeous fitted cocktail dress at La Belle Vintage

Super-fun Mod sweater-coat at MoMoDeluxeVintage

So, do you like orange? Or hate it?


  1. I loooove orange. In design. In fashion. The whole nine yards. Though, I can't wear it near my face - it does nothing for me! : ) I bet Alexander the Great's hair smelled really nice. <---That's something that I've never said before.

  2. I have always been an orange fan. Like Eartha, I can't wear it (I look embalmed) so I usually save it for my accessories - nothing more fun that orange shoes!

    Thanks for sharing fun orange trivia facts and your great Etsy finds, and thanks for including my Jane Jetson-esque Vintage Heels. ~ KD

  3. I love orange. It's all over my house, and I can't imagine decorating without it.

  4. I love orange and am totally blown away by the sky! x

  5. I simply adore the color is my favorite! Not only is it such a warm tone, it invokes feelings of happiness and enthusiasm. I wear orange at any chance I get. Thanks for including our Fab 60's dress in your blog :o)

  6. I adore orange! This was a very fun post.

  7. Love it! Its my absolute favourite vintage homeware color by far :)

  8. Thanks, everyone, for your nice comments! It seems we bloggers are all a bunch of creative, orange-lovin' individuals :-)
    Hooray Orange!!!

  9. I Eat Ten Candles Every Four Years :)