Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And Now For Something Really Random...Giraffes!

I recently had a chance to visit the San Diego Zoo, which I must say is just lovely...
I've been going there since I was a kid, and so I have not-so-objective nostalgic feelings for it, but besides that it's just such a beautiful place! The animals all look so happy and content :-)
Every time I go there I feel like I missed my true calling to work with animals...oh well, in my next life I guess!
My favorite animals are the giraffes. I find them so inexplicably charming, with their giant sleepy eyes, long eyelashes, and gangly shape. The babies are just the cutest!!!

Me, happy to see the giraffes (I know, I'm a dork)

So to celebrate my beloved giraffes, here's a collection of vintage giraffe-themed finds from Etsy! Enjoy :-)

Cute hankie, From Etsy seller Murdups
VintageChinchilla has this cute 80's dress
cute tea towel, at XanaduVintage
from ParlourVintage
my fave, from IngridIceland
If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend finding a place where you can hand-feed the's hilarious!
Do you have a favorite animal??  I'd love to hear about them!!

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