Thursday, February 7, 2013

Road Trip Finds: Gallup, New Mexico

On old Route 66, just over the border from Arizona into NM, is the tiny and very old town of Gallup. I found a little art gallery co-op with a vintage clothing mini-store in the back, called "Planet Mars", and scored this darling home-sewn 49'er style jacket for a song:

This cute cotton dress has a bakelite belt buckle :-) I love the smell of Bakelite in the morning!!!

I also bought three awesome men's shirts for the same spot. The owner, Marcia, was super-nice. She and the other sweet lady at the co-op steered me towards what they thought was the best thrift store in Gallup, and they sure steered me right!

"Hidden Treasures and More" is a hole-in-the-wall for sure, but inside I found this fun booty for ridiculously low prices, by LA standards.

Isn't he cute? He's a pencil holder...the pencil (or pen) makes his tail. The body is a letter holder, and the top of his head holds a little sponge to wet your stamps for you (haha...can you even buy non-sticker stamps any more?)

Last find of the day...enamelware turkey platter!! I find these enameled, brightly colored camping dishes somewhat often, but I have never, ever, seen a platter like this. I'm going to have a heard time getting rid of this one!

We also visited an amazing, haunted old hotel in Gallup today that warrants it's own post...I'll try to get that one up spooky!

Stay tuned for more road-trip adventures!



  1. What fun! I love that part of the country. Some of my best road trips have included New Mexico. You made some sweet purchases. I can't wait to hear about the haunted hotel.

  2. New thrift spots are the best sometimes....the thrill of the unknown!! Love that pooch pencil/letter holder, super cool! :)

  3. Your finds are super awesome! I just recently found a cat pencil/letter holder. It looks a lot like your dog, except it's a cat ;) *haha*

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  5. I love your finds, especially that dress! I hope to one day take a trip along Route 66. I used to live in California, so I know some kitschy places already along 66, but I want to go all the way. It would be so much fun!