Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tiki Tuesday...Faves from My Own Closet

For this installment of Tiki Tuesday, I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite tiki-themed items from my own closet.

My hands-down favorite is this late 1950's cardigan sweater:

I saw a similar one on eBay, a couple of years ago...almost exactly the same, except a brown-on-cream colorway, instead of blue-on-cream, and I was just gutted when another bidder won the auction.
Some months later I found this one at the Vintage Expo in Santa Monica and I was ecstatic!!! I like the blues even better :-)
I think that technically the figures are more African-inspired than Polynesian, but whatever...I love it.

I also have this cute little short-sleeved rayon shirt.

I think it's actually from the 90's, by Reyn Spooner. I like the subtle colors, and the classic styling. I wear it with shorts in the summer.

The newest addition to my collection is this amazing sundress I got off Etsy a week ago:

Here's a closeup of the print:

I don't know if you can tell very well from this pic, but the turquoise shapes behind the green tiki are supposed to be a map of the Hawaiian islands.

Don't you love it?
It needs a teensy bit of alteration to fit perfectly, but nothing I can't handle myself.
The seller had it listed as 1970's, but I think it's a bit earlier.

I have a lot of other vintage goodies that have a tiki "feeling", but these are my only clothes with actual tikis on them...I think it's a lot easier to find tiki stuff for guys than for girls!!
Hope you like them!


  1. These are great pieces! The cardi is the best. I love the color scheme too.