Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Girls in Vintage Land

I wish I was here:

from Jan. 1950 California Stylist magazine

I want to be the brunette girl right now...on that fabulous sailboat, in that glittering sea, wearing that adorable dress.
Instead of my cramped and cluttered office, wearing old flannel PJ bottoms with stars and planets that long ago lost their ability to glow in the dark, and a mismatched Jeep t-shirt.


Some days you have it, some days you don't ;-)


  1. OMG-I seriously pinned this on pinterest today!
    Love this pic and would so love to be on a sailboat right now!

  2. Gorgeous photo! I'm sure we would all love to be where she is! Hopefully they are freezing and being told just 'one more photo and you can put your fluffy dressing gown on!' XxxX

  3. Hehe...I guess I'm an evil person, but that thought makes me feel better :-)
    Love it...thanks, Second Hand Rose!