Sunday, January 6, 2013

Round 'em Up and Move 'em OUT!

You all know by now that I run a couple of Etsy shops...
Last year was a great year! Sales have been really fantastic, but I love to hunt for great stuff, and I find it faster than I can sell it.
So I just started a giant CLEARANCE SALE in my MoMoDeluxeVintage shop because things were really starting to pile up!!! Everything in the shop is 30% off. Maybe that doesn't sound like a *really* big sale, but I price things very low to begin with so I can't go 50% off and still make a penny...

I have a few things in my shop that I think are so fantastic, I honestly can't figure out why they haven't sold.
For example:

this cute red jacket
Such a gorgeous cherry red color! Fabulous boucle' texture! I'd keep it for myself, but seriously folks...I live in southern California and I really don't need another coat.

UPDATE: this jacket is SOLD :-)

How 'bout these:

aren't these sparkly shoes fab? So sexy, amazing condition, and they'd go with practically every evening dress or outfit.

this adorable leopard print robe is only 26 bucks, people!

Look at this fantastic skirt:

this 50's cutie by Tabak comes with a matching scarf!

 OK that's enough blatant self-promotion for now :-)
Hope you all had a lovely Holiday!


  1. Hello nice to meet you.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. =D

    You are selling some really cute stuff. I am a leopard print lover too!

  2. You have some super cute things in your shop---I LOVE that southwestern jacket and denim blouse! If I wasn't getting ready to go on vacation I'd be shopping away.

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